A film by Marie Drucker

DOCUMENTARY / 52' / FRANCE 2 / 2022


Raphaël is a healthy little boy, but he’s burdened by anxieties that prevent him from fulfilling his potential and being fully present in the world.
With the help of a psychologist, Raphaël and his parents embark on a therapy program designed to help repair the bond between them.
Over a period of several months, the consultations enable the child to express what is preventing him from growing up, and reveal a place for talking and reflecting on parenthood, the couple and offspring.


Directing : Marie Drucker
Photography : Isabelle Razavet, Alberto Marquardt
Editing : Emmanuelle Giry
Sound Recording : Marianne Roussy, Yolande Decarsin, Yves Grasso
Colour Grading : Maxime Garneau
Mix : Philippe Grivel
Graphic Design : Yohan Leroy
Production : What’s Up Films
Festival(s) :
Selected at Figra (2021)