A series by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade

FICTION / 6X60' / ARTE FRANCE / 2018


Guillaume Delpierre, an upright politician who represents a farming region in parliament, rushes to the bedside of his childhood friend Michel Villeneuve, who was found unconscious after spraying a weed-killer on his fields. Delpierre and his young parliamentary assistant, Romain Corso, launch a crusade to get the pesticide that sickened Guillaume banned. But it is made by Saskia, a powerful agro-chemical giant that tasks its sly and skillful lobbyist Matthieu Bowman with dashing any law suits or legislation that could hurt the company. Huge financial stakes, an environmental and industrial scandal, political wrangling, behind-the-scenes maneuvering, personal ambitions and endangered public lives… The Inside Game is a 6-episode inside look at the chilling world of corporate lobbying.
SYNOPSIS / episode 1

Agrochemical giant Saskia is preparing to launch its latest product, but MP Guillaume Delpierre is suspicious after visiting the bedside of his childhood friend, Michel Villeneuve, a farmer with an aggressive cancer.

SYNOPSIS / episode 2

The body of a Saskia employee is found in the Seine, and the company works to convince the family that it was a suicide. Villeneuve is anxious to file a complaint with Delpierre, but his family would prefer he accept Saskia’s compensation.

SYNOPSIS / episode 3episode 4

Delpierre and his assistant Romain want to demonstrate the dangerous nature of the pesticides they wish to ban. They present a scientific study on Lymitrol, Saksia’s flagship product, whose results are unequivocal.

SYNOPSIS / épisode 4

Though working with Bowman, a lobbyist for Saskia, to discredit the Lymitrol findings, disgraced journalist Claire finds herself compelled by Chloe’s findings.

SYNOPSIS / episode 5

Delpierre and Villeneuve are preparing to defend the anti-Lymitrol amendment when Bowman decides to leak a tenuous link between Delpierre’s wife and the Paoletti Foundation.

SYNOPSIS / épisode 6

Delpierre and Villeneuve both face challenges–one in the Assembly, the other in court opposite Saskia. Meanwhile, Chloe and Claire meet with varying success.


Directing : Jean-Xavier de Lestrade
Screenplay : Antoine Lacomblez, Jean-Xavier de Lestrade, Sophie Hiet, Pierre Linhart
Photography : Isabelle Razavet
Editing : Sophie Brunet
Sound Recording : Philippe Grivel, Claire Bernengo, Marie Mougel
Original Score : Raf Keunen
Sound Editing : Elisabeth Paquotte
Production Management : Mat Troi Day
Assistant Director : Fany Pouget
Production Design : Antoine Maron
Makeup Artist : Laure Talazac
Costume Design : Nathalie Raoul
Script : Camille Brottes Beaulieu
Casting : Constance Demontoy
Post-production Management : Pierre Carrique
Colour Grading : Magali Leonard
Mix : Philippe Grivel
Graphic Design : Laurent Brett
With : Alix Poisson, Laurent Stocker de la Comédie Française, Jean-François Sivadier, Pierre Perrier, Marilou Aussiloux, Christophe Kourotchkine, Anne Coesens, Thierry Hancisse, Marc Citti, Marie Dompnier, Anthony Bajon
Production : WHAT'S UP FILMS