A film by Pascal Vasselin

DOCUMENTARY / 26' / ARTE G.E.I.E / 2013


Two age-old enemies in one 3D documentary – fire and the firefighter. One is about to have its moment of glory in the South of France. The other is getting ready, physically and mentally, to enter the lion’s den. To firefighters, fire is the necessary enemy that shapes them and makes them proud. Within the walls of the fire station, they wait for hell.


Directing : Pascal Vasselin
Photography : Jean-Luc Bréchat
Editing : Giles Gardner
Sound Recording : Julien Ripert, Régis Boussin
Colour Grading : Paul Wattebled
Mix : Philippe Charriot
Graphic Design : Gyom Rouvroy
Production : What’s Up Films
Partners :

In coproduction with ARTE G.E.I.E and Sylicone
With the participation of Ateliers Orange de la Création

Festival(s) :
Festival Dimension 3 – Special Format prize (2013)