A film by Thierry Thomas

DOCUMENTARY / 52' / FRANCE 3 / 2018


What kind of things are women laughing about these days? Who are they poking fun at? Fifty years after women started speaking up – from the subversive 1960s to the first one-woman shows – the number of working female comedians is booming. Who are these ladies who make us laugh about their entanglements and self-image battles? This uplifting documentary shows that the growing ranks of women stepping onto the comic stage has been closely intertwined with the drive to liberate women as a whole since the latter half of the 20th century.


Directing : Thierry Thomas
Photography : Xavier Liberman
Editing : Francesca Melani
Sound Recording : Jean-Jacques Peart
Documentation : Valérie Massignon
Voice-over : Muriel Combeau
Colour Grading : Christophe Gauthier
Mix : Laurent Thomas
Production : What’s Up Films
Partners :

In coproduction with INA
With the participation of France 3