A film by Benjamin Clavel and Quentin Delaroche

DOCUMENTARY / 52' / FRANCE 3 / 2016


At age 34, Marie finds out she has an incurable form of cancer. Her very first thought is for her youngest son: “I don’t have any memories of my parents when I was three years old. Will my son remember anything about me?” Marie decides to fight her cancer, enduring the physical and mental pain of chemotherapy so that she can “make memories” for her children and loved ones. For six months we shared Marie’s condensed life, capturing her ups and downs, her fears and hopes, and her endless lust for life. “Marie, the Cancer Tamer” is a film told from a first-person perspective about living with a sense of urgency, a journey alongside the loving mother of two children who remains more alive and vibrant than ever in the face of death.


Directing : Benjamin Clavel, Quentin Delaroche
Photography : Benjamin Clavel, Quentin Delaroche
Editing : Adrien Dominqiue-Dreyfuss, Gwnénola Héaulme, Benjamin Clavel, Quentin Delaroche
Sound Recording : Benjamin Clavel, Quentin Delaroche
Colour Grading : Nicolas Straseele
Mix : Simon Lebel
Graphic Design : Benjamin Clavel
Production : What’s Up Films
Partners :

With the participation of France 3 and France 3 Paris Ile-de-France