A film by Marie Drucker

DOCUMENTARY / 66' / FRANCE 2 / 2017


It’s estimated that France is home to more than 500,000 “gifted” children. Most of them find it very hard to “live like everyone else” or to function in the traditional educational system, where many gifted children simply cannot “fit in.” Our documentary tells the story of a handful of gifted children between the ages of 8 and 16 who attend the George Gusdorf School in Paris. This specialized institution gives them a chance to get back in touch with their real selves and muster the courage to get on with their lives.


Directing : Marie Drucker
Photography : Isabelle Razavet, Nathalie Durand
Editing : Vincent Trisolini
Sound Recording : Graciela Barrault, Theophane Bernard Brunel
Colour Grading : Laurent Navarri
Mix : Matthieu Deniau
Graphic Design : Vincent Trisolini
Production : What’s Up Films
Partners :

With the participation of France 2