A film by Martin Blanchard



The status of animals has evolved significantly in recent decades, thanks to scientific advances and animal welfare advocates. In the past, animals were not widely thought to have a conscience or real intelligence. But we have discovered that animals feel emotions and suffering, and have their own culture and morality. The dividing line between humans and animals is becoming blurred. Science and animal protection advocates have elevated the status of animals, prompting the creation of animal welfare laws. Animal rights have become a thorny issue for modern societies, forcing us to ask hard questions about the changing status of animals and how much consideration we truly owe them. What are the key stages in this shift? Why and how do we stop seeing animals primarily as tools, and instead as beings with rights? Where will this shift lead us in the years to come? Our investigative documentary travels around the globe putting these burning questions to scientists, activists and legal experts, as well as lobbyists and people who oppose the expansion of animal rights.


Directing : Martin Blanchard
Screenplay : Martin Blanchard, Marianne Cramer
Photography : Martin Blanchard, Isabelle Razavet
Editing : Adrien Dominique-Dreyfuss
Sound Recording : Nicolas Schlomoff, Théo Caradec
Documentation : Laure Régnier
Voice-over : Bruno Debrandt
Original Score : Laurent Ferlet
Colour Grading : Jean Ousmane
Mix : Matthieu Cochin, Bruno Lagoarde
Production : What’s Up Films
Partners :

In coproduction with ARTE France
With the participation of RTS
Distributed by ZED