A film by Luc Marescot

DOCUMENTARY / 52' / FRANCE 2 / 2012


In Botswana’s Okavango Delta, the locals have learned how to live in close harmony with a challenging natural environment and the extraordinary fauna that lives there. But in this kingdom, one of its most legendary beasts – the crocodile – is under threat. Two biologists decide to capture one of the crocodiles to save it from certain death. To do this, they must immerse themselves in the teeming waters of the delta and brave the dangers of an unknown underwater environment.


Directing : Luc Marescot
Photography : Luc Marescot, Yanick Gentil
Editing : Alexis Barbier-Bouvet
Sound Recording : Alexis Barbier-Bouvet
Voice-over : Laurent Ballesta
Original Score : Laurent Ferlet
Colour Grading : Rémi Berge
Mix : Philippe Charriot
Graphic Design : Guillaume Colas
Production : What’s Up Films
Partners :

With the participation of France 2
Distributed by ZED

Festival(s) :

Palme de Bronze at the Festival Mondial de l’image sous-marine (2012)
Silver Anchor at the Festival International du Film Maritime, d’Exploration et d’Environnement (2013)